Hong Kong

Thanks to a tip from a fellow LDRPer, I learned that I could have an extended layover on my way to KL. So I spent a couple days in Hong Kong exploring!

Victoria Peak

One of the best views in Hong Kong is at Victoria Peak. You take a tram up and are greeted by a big mall and amazing views of the harbor.


Exploring Central

I walked around the organized chaos which is Central on Hong Kong Island. I checked out Man Mo Temple, got some dim sum, and went to Western Market. There are tons of signs (in English) with pointers towards common tourist destinations and transport hubs, making it super easy to get around πŸ™‚


At night I took the ferry to Kowloon, which is just across the harbor. A little less crazy & tons of shopping. I stopped by a night market and took the ferry back for the views of Hong Kong island lit up. The next day after breakfast near my hostel, I went back to Kowloon for the history museum and more wandering.


Overall, Hong Kong was very easy to navigate (awesome subway system) and seemed expat friendly. I even managed to meet a fellow boilermaker at my hostel. Oh, and HK is a good place for fashion inspo – everyone is very stylish. The stormy weather and my slight jetlag made me less ambitious to explore more, but I would if I had time to return one day!

5 Sept Edit: Pub Crawl

I didn’t mention it in the original post, but I ended up going on a pub crawl the night before my early flight (clearly I make great decisions). There were 87 people on the pub crawl!! Made some great friends who I will never see again πŸ™‚ The pics were just posted on facebook –Β one of my shining moments, really:



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