A bit of KL


On Monday I had a relocation orientation – they took me to a bank, helped me to get a sim card, and showed me around KL. It was nice to have a local welcome me and show me some good food and a couple cool places that I probably would not have visited otherwise! We went to the City Gallery and Merdeka square. There’s a lot of very cool architecture (and of course, history) in the area.

We also went to the Royal Selangor pewter factory, which I loved! KL & Malaysia apparently has a big tin industry (pewter is tin, antinomy, and copper). I was especially excited since I saw the melting and casting, similar to what we did at Purdue 😀 After, we went to Central Market and Chinatown to walk around, where I tried some good Longan drink. Last, we went to a grocery store nearby and they showed me a nearby hospital and shopping center. It was a very helpful day – and there is still so much more to explore in KL 🙂


Expat Life

TI Malaysia is an assembly & test site. I am a mold compound process engineer (in assembly) – and I’m the only expat in assembly! There are a few in product engineering and finance, but that’s it. There is no formal training here, so it’s been a bit of an overwhelming as well as a slow first week. I had one fellow LDRP who showed me around, which was very nice 🙂

I also attended an expat newcomers event at a bar one night. That was interesting to hear about what the other expats do here in KL – there are a lot of them. I also quickly have realized how sheltered Americans seem to be, at least in terms of travel and knowing about other cultures. Travel and international working is much, much more common in Europe and other parts of the world, whereas a lot of Americans don’t even travel internationally! Many commented how there aren’t that many American expats/travelers. I tend to comment that it’s partially because we don’t have much paid time off 😥 It seems as though the US is very highly observed by other countries – for example, the news at my hotel and other places is typically the US news, and the other expats all had their opinions on Trump. I also got a lot of comments by other expats on how big the US is, and questions about the cultural differences in different regions of the US. Overall,  I am very happy I have embarked on this expat journey, as it will definitely widen my perspective.


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