Cameron Highlands

My coworkers and I decided to take advantage of the long holiday weekend and make our way to the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. This place is known for its cool weather, tea, and nature. Saturday we arrived at the extremely busy bus station in KL- others had the same idea of leaving on a holiday weekend. This week is also a school holiday, adding more to the busy-ness.

Quick lesson – do not trust google maps traffic predictions in Malaysia (I should have known from last summer…). What was purported to be a 3.5 hour bus ride became a 6.5 hour one! Oh well, the view was nice and we had nothing else to do 🙂 Upon arriving I felt the chilly weather (always a reminder of home!) and grabbed Indian food. Our hotel room also very conveniently had 3 single beds – something I’d never seen before 😀
View from our hotel
The next day was packed full of activities – we took a full day tour on an off-road vehicle. We were joined by some other tourists from the Netherlands, Singapore, and Taiwan. First, we jungle trekked to find the rafflesia flower  (I did regret not bringing my hiking boots, another quick lesson) – the rafflesia did not actually smell but was big and beautiful! Also learned it is not actually a flower, but a parasite. This excursion really made me resolve to continue to do a lot more trekking this year 🙂 After, we tried out blow pipe ‘hunting’ aka target practice – have it be known that I got a bullseye on my first try! (always knew I was good at darts…)

Next we went to see the beautiful views of Boh Tea Plantation, owned by a British family. Here they harvest black tea – and I’ll let the photos speak for themselves, amazing 🙂 We then went to tour the processing tools nearby and of course, to sample the tea.
Then, we climbed to even higher elevations in the vehicle and went to a tower viewpoint and to the mossy forest. The viewpoint was foggy and very cold – but due to my fascination with clouds, which you probably know about, I loved being up high basically in a cloud!! The mossy forest was stunning also, and my photos really couldn’t capture it, probably due to the lighting. The ground was squishy and, as the name suggests, moss covered everywhere. We saw some other rare plants like the pitcher plant and cobra lotus flower (?).
Next day was much more relaxed – we went to the strawberry farm to get some sweets, checked out some cacti, and chilled until our bus.
Loved this place for its beauty and nature, and especially the weather – it’s a bit touristy, but that’s expected for somewhere with that much to offer. Back to busy KL now…

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