KL Wanderings

Here’s a quick post about what I’ve been learning/doing 🙂

Batu Caves

This weekend we went to Batu Caves, a Hindu shrine and a bit of a tourist attraction. I love caves, so it was amazing just to see that in itself – plus the combination of the shrine was pretty much magic. It was fairly crowded and the steps are steep, but worth it! During Thaipusam, there’s a ceremony there, which is a big attraction and would be cool to see. On the steps there are tons of monkeys…everyone warned to be careful because they snatch your stuff! No incidents with us though :p

Food & learning

A work friend was nice enough to pick me up and show me some local food and a sort of mall, or what is one of many makan (eating) places in KL she likes to hang out at! One thing I learned – first thing people usually ask you is if you’ve eaten, ha. We got a meal, then at the mall got mani/pedis, oh so girly. She answered lots of my random questions (like what does ‘lah’ mean?? answer – no one knows), and taught me a bit about the politics (very corrupt…just google the prime minister’s money siphoning). Besides that, below I’ve put some pictures of other Malay food I’ve been trying 😀

So far so good! And I haven’t even touched multiple neighborhoods; there’s still a lot to do…people tell me I will get fat living here and I’m starting to believe them. Worth it :p


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