Chiang Mai

Here is a quick post on Chiang Mai! This post will mainly be a photo dump because I have not felt like writing lately (maybe because I have been writing stuff for grad school apps)…Also I took a bunch of GoPro footage of both the elephants and ziplining, so later when I am less lazy I will post some of those clips.

But anyway, two weekends ago I went to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. I had considered visiting there last summer but didn’t have time to fit it in. The city itself is surrounded by a moat of sorts and is very walkable. Everywhere you turn there is a cafe, coffee shop, or beautiful temple. One unfortunate thing was that immediately when I landed, the news broke that the Thai king had passed away. The king had reigned for 70 years, so many Thai people had never known another king – and they all love their king very much. So the city was a bit somber while I was there, with bars and music and similar things closed, but the tourist stuff was still available. I was also a bit sick so I didn’t mind the quiet & got some rest. The first night I did get to at least see the big bar area after going out with a Scottish guy I met.

The first day I went to an elephant camp, where we got to get up close and personal with some elephants. There are a lot of unethical elephant camps in northern Thailand, but it seemed like this one was good – we fed them, had a mud bath with them, and brushed them off. So cute and weird and cool to be so close to them 🙂 Got to see them prance around, slide down the hill on their knees, poo and pee, and the baby drink from the mom…..

The next day I just explored Chiang Mai and relaxed. I got a traditional (aka painful) Thai massage and got a feel for the town.

Then, Sunday I went for a cooking class which was so fun and delicious. We went to the local market and made all of our food from scratch plus using some ingredients from their farm. Delish

On my last day I went ziplining! I don’t have many pics because I brought my GoPro (later will post probs). But it was so fun, a bit faster than I expected – and a cool way to experience the forest. Saw a couple of gibbons and lots of cool plants. The weather was nice and cool in there too. We did a short hike to a waterfall after, which was beautiful. Overall, a relaxing albeit touristy weekend – I’m glad I was able to check out Chiang Mai.


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