Odds & Ends

Some memorable stuff I wanted to put on my blog, but none merit their own post!

Thailand Videos

Well, I’m officially too lazy to actually make a nice GoPro video, so I just uploaded a few clips to youtube! The quality is awful and idk why. Oh well. There’s one of playing in mud with the elephants, one ziplining, and then a pretty waterfall – all in Chiang Mai πŸ™‚

Whitewater Rafting

We went whitewater rafting at the Selangor River at Kuala Kubu Bharu! It was super scary. Fun at the same time…but mostly scary :p one girl fell out of our raft! I’m really glad I did it though. Here’s a pic – not my raft, but you can get a sense of what it was like!


Halloween/Deepavali Weekend

Had a great weekend – Denice visited, and we also met up with a fellow LDRP πŸ™‚ Did some touristy stuff around KL and go to do Halloween – KL style!! So fun πŸ˜€


Saw this show and it was great – Charlie Chaplin at the Symphony ! Dan Kamin, who apparently taught Johnny Depp & others, mimed his way comedically through some orchestra pieces that the Malaysian Philharmonic played – eg In the Hall of the Mountain King. Then they played some Charlie Chaplin films with accompanied orchestra music πŸ™‚


Otherwise…I have been slowly making some friends, exploring KL a little bit (although a food delivery service that I discovered is hindering that a bit), doing yoga, oh and I guess working too :p I am sad to be away from the US during this historic election! But I will be celebrating our first female president at least by myself overseas – as of this moment, we have about 12 hours until knowing the result.

Okay bye…until next time…where I’ll write about Korea & Japan! I’m leaving this Friday. It’s a much needed & much anticipated trip that I will try my best to savor. Can’t wait for tons of culture shock πŸ˜€


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