Last weekend, I went to Baguio in the Philippines to visit my friend Denice, who is from there šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ I absolutely loved visiting šŸ˜€ Below I wanted to write up a quick rundown of what we did.


Day 1 

Baguio is north of Manila, up in the Cordillera mountains. I flew to Manila and took a super long (almost 8 hour due to traffic) bus ride there, and Denice and her parents were nice enough to get me at the bus station even though the time was ungodly (they did this on my way back also – so nice!). The travel time (basically a full day) is the only negative thing about visiting Baguio – otherwise it’s beautiful cool weather, nature, and lots of food and stuff to see.

The first morning, we started out by going to brunch at a beautiful hotel called the Manor (where I think TI puts people up when they visit Baguio!). We shared some food and walked around the grounds, which were really nicely landscaped. We also walked around the nearby Camp John Hay – super pretty; some people were setting up for a wedding, and we saw some historical buildings.

Next we did the “Treetop Adventure,” basically an interesting take on ziplining – ‘superman’ style – and a slower paced seated canopy view. After that, we went to a cafe specializing in chocolate – it also such nice landscaping! Soon Denice helped me discover that there are tons and tons of cafes in Baguio šŸ™‚ Our last stop was Mines View Park, a place full of tourist stuff, but also with a great view šŸ˜€

Day 2

We spent the first half of the day sleeping in (as per usual) and then at the BenCab museum – named after a famous artist who himself curated the place. This museum was a scenic drive away from Baguio – there, they have beautiful gardens, a cafe, and of course art. We had a guided eco tour, some snacks, and learned about the art inside šŸ™‚

Next stop was Tam Awan village – there was more art, beautiful nature, and cultural dances. Our mini trek was so pretty with wildflowers and stuff along the way. And after that we went to Baguio craft brewery – it made me feel like I was home, ha! We shared food and some nice beers and a good view. And we even saw a rainbow at two separate occasions! After that we chilled at a super cozy cafe šŸ™‚

Day 3

This weekend was the Panagbenga flower festival in Baguio, so today we decided to check out the floats for it! It was a bit busy this weekend due to the festival but nothing unmanageable. We went to Burnham park to see the floats covered in beautiful flowers. We also went to see Session road, which was beginning to set up with tents and stalls selling food and other items.

After stopping at yet another cute cafe, we went to North Haven spa for a 3 hour (but what really stretched to 4+) treatment! This is something I rarely do – I can’t really shut my brain off – but my skin sure felt and smelled great afterwards, haha.

I know this post was basically just a run through of our activities, all of which I would have enjoyed on their own – but this trip was made a billion times better since I was with my friend šŸ˜€ Since Denice and I had always spent time together in places that were my home (Malaysia and mostly USA), I loved seeing and learning about hers!! Now I truly understand how she said the Philippines feels ‘warm.’ šŸ™‚ Literally, there people automatically address each other as sisters and brothers (ate / cuya). Baguio had so much to explore…I think I’ll be back!! So grateful for this visit šŸ™‚


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