Ko Lipe


These last 2 weeks have been so rich and full! My original plan was to do a 2 week trip to Australia, but I ended up changing it around due to a small injury – and I absolutely love how it turned out! Yay for flexibility and especially for impulsive flight bookings 😀

Anyway, I did a 3 day yoga workshop with Kino, a famous ashtanga yogi, then immediately afterward jetted off to Ko Lipe. This was a last minute decision but I am so glad I went. It had the most beautiful beaches I’ve seen yet. After returning from Ko Lipe I did head to Australia, but first here are some pics of my relaxing few days in Ko Lipe!

I had a fairly solitary few days, which was just what I needed – I desperately wanted to get away from work (not that I am worked hard…just the whole environment). I flew to Langkawi and took the ferry the next morning to tiny Ko Lipe (which is in Thailand). I stayed in a cute bungalow that I had to myself. It was basically outdoors and had no aircon but it really fit the island lifestyle.

I spent the first day at Sunrise beach, which was super beautiful –  white, extremely fine sand, and turquoise waters. It was not very busy either so I had a big stretch of this perfect beach to myself! I watched the sunset at Bundhaya beach, where the sand seemed somehow even finer.

The next day I went back to Sunrise beach to the same spot to soak it in a little longer. Then, in the afternoon I did a snorkeling tour! I have some footage of the amazing fish and coral on my gopro, which I’ll show later. We saw a beach with black stones and watched the sunset on Ko Tarutao.

There’s not much else to write about my time here – I loved the small-ness of it, the walking street with all the restaurants and food, but of course especially the beaches and natural beauty! I had a nice relaxing time and am so so glad I fit this little island into my schedule. 😛


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