Sydney Harbor Bridge

Sydney is gorgeous! It’s autumn in Australia, and it was perfect weather for exploring the city – sunny and crisp 🙂 I took an overnight flight from KL. Thanks to dramamine and my silly eye mask, long flights are basically like teleportation. And now that I’m flying so much, an 8 hour flight like this is one that I would call “not bad at all.” Hopefully I can keep this attitude forever! Haha, anyway, here is an overview of everything I did in Sydney.

View from Circular Quay

Day 1: Being a tourist around the harbor

I landed in Sydney around 10am on my first day. I got a sim card and a coffee, then felt ready to conquer anything. I headed to my hostel, got a bit settled, then immediately went off to see the sights. I took the train from Central station (near where I was staying) to Circular Quay, which is right at the harbor. I walked to the Opera House and got some close up views, took a walk through the Botanic garden, and then went to an area called the Rocks, which has alleyways and restaurants. I got back to my hostel and met who would be my travel buddy for the rest of the trip – my roommate, Heather – a girl from England traveling for her PhD. After meeting more new friends at the hostel, that night we went out for drinks at Darling Harbor, then to some fun place called Soda Factory for dancing.

Day 2: Maritime museum & the Rocks

The next day I did a bit of solo adventuring – first I went to the Maritime museum, which was free – quite nice for a free museum! I learned about the first woman to sail around the world (Kay Cottee). Then I walked a bit and accidentally took the ferry around back to Circular quay – but I’m very glad to have made the mistake, because the harbor views were amazing 🙂

After that I went back to the historic Rocks area, where there was a market type thing going on with a bunch of art stalls. I shopped and ate a bit, then headed to the Observatory Hill Park for more beautiful views of the harbor at sunset. There were tons of wedding photos being taken there – understandable due to the beauty! That night we went out for drinks in Newtown – I liked this neighborhood a lot. Heather & I met some local Aussies who brought us to another bar – lots of fun 🙂

Day 3: Manly Beach

The next day we woke up pretty late (seeing as it was once again a 4:30 am kind of night…), so we just decided to spend the day checking out the beach. We took the ferry to Manly beach. The views were amazing, yet again (a common theme in Sydney). The town area around Manly was really nice with shops and stuff. We chilled on the beach and soaked up the little bit of sunshine that was left of the day. It quickly got chilly so we grabbed some tea and then headed back. That night I went on a quick tinder date (hey, gotta meet locals somehow!) to Coogee beach. There was a super nice venue with drinks and delish pizza right on the beach – quite cool to see at night, and I think it would be insanely more crowded in summer! But still pretty happening on a Sunday night nonetheless 😛


Day 4: Bondi Beach 

Next morning, I headed to Bondi beach. It was a Monday so it was not so crowded, & it was chilly! It was super pretty. After failing to warm up by lying on the beach, I walked around a bit then did part of the Bondi cliff walk. The views around the corner were so breathtaking.

After that I fit in a yoga class (taught by an American, actually), then headed to a nice Italian dinner (with wine and dessert!) right on the harbor with Heather. The opera house lit up at night was cool to see (although I didn’t snag a pic).


The next day it was time to say goodbye to Sydney – I got a late morning flight to Melbourne. Luckily at dinner the night before, I had convinced Heather to impulsively come to Melbourne for the weekend too! So we only had a few days apart before seeing each other again :p Anyway, overall impressions of Sydney – very beautiful, sunny, big, friendly – also, cosmopolitan, and a little bit flavorless. But I would absolutely love to live there – I’m sure I’d love to live in Newtown! Hey, maybe I’ll make it happen soon…you never know 🙂



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