Ko Lipe


These last 2 weeks have been so rich and full! My original plan was to do a 2 week trip to Australia, but I ended up changing it around due to a small injury – and I absolutely love how it turned out! Yay for flexibility and especially for impulsive flight bookings 😀

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Ko Tao & Ko Samui

This weekend I visited the Thai islands for the first time – Ko Samui (very briefly) & Ko Tao. 🙂

Most of my time was planned to be on Ko Tao to get diving certified – but my plans went awry and it turned out to be quite a different weekend than I expected, full of too much drinking and a bit of self-discovery, hah.

Ko Tao

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Chiang Mai

Here is a quick post on Chiang Mai! This post will mainly be a photo dump because I have not felt like writing lately (maybe because I have been writing stuff for grad school apps)…Also I took a bunch of GoPro footage of both the elephants and ziplining, so later when I am less lazy I will post some of those clips.

But anyway, two weekends ago I went to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. I had considered visiting there last summer but didn’t have time to fit it in. The city itself is surrounded by a moat of sorts and is very walkable. Everywhere you turn there is a cafe, coffee shop, or beautiful temple. One unfortunate thing was that immediately when I landed, the news broke that the Thai king had passed away. The king had reigned for 70 years, so many Thai people had never known another king – and they all love their king very much. So the city was a bit somber while I was there, with bars and music and similar things closed, but the tourist stuff was still available. I was also a bit sick so I didn’t mind the quiet & got some rest. The first night I did get to at least see the big bar area after going out with a Scottish guy I met.

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