This weekend, my coworkers and I went on a quick trip to Penang. πŸ™‚ Everyone here in Malaysia said Penang is the best ‘food place,’ so I had to check it out.

We stayed at an airbnb, which was beautiful – but there were quite a lot of communication issues with the host. I guess an unforeseen downside of airbnb in Asia…But besides that, everything in Penang was really great!

Upon arriving, we went to find some food. Our uber driver advised us to go to Love St, which was super cool – there were a few bars with live music, and street food nearby. Got some kuey teow, poh piah, and mochi! And of course some beers after that.

Me at the street food place, drinkin my juice bag

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Ko Tao & Ko Samui

This weekend I visited the Thai islands for the first time – Ko Samui (very briefly) & Ko Tao. πŸ™‚

Most of my time was planned to be on Ko Tao to get diving certified – but my plans went awry and it turned out to be quite a different weekend than I expected, full of too much drinking and a bit of self-discovery, hah.

Ko Tao

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Mount Kinabalu

This weekend I climbed Mount Kinabalu, the ‘tallest mountain in southeast asia’!Β Definitely a bucket list item! My coworker thatΒ I was supposed to go on this trip with bailed at the last minute. Β I would’ve preferred company for such a huge endeavor, but I do enjoy traveling solo – I was probably the only one doing it alone (albeit with a guide), but I don’t think it detracted from the experience. I was proud of the physical feat but mainly amazed by the views – above the clouds scaling an awe inspiring mountain πŸ™‚

Sunrise at the summit of Mount Kinabalu!

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Reflections at Half Time

Okay,Β I’ll admit I basically made that the post title because it sounds like a good album name πŸ˜› Technically I’m not halfway done with my rotation in Kuala Lumpur yet, but it’s getting close. I’ve been in KL for a bit over 5 months and will remain for a bit less than 7. I wanted to write a more personal post talking aboutΒ some things that I’ve learned while living as an expat here. My parents just visited, so after showing them around KL, I feel like I have a new appreciation. Read on for a breakdown πŸ˜€

Parents at Pavilion!

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I had a great weekend in Melaka with my coworkers πŸ™‚ We went there for a Saturday/Sunday trip from KL.


  • Jonker street shopping in the day as well as the night market
  • Lots of cute cafes and coffee shops
  • Riverwalk – saw cool architecture & street art
  • Food! Some amazing Indian food at Pak Putra (cheese naan!), Cendol, laksa, chicken rice balls, coconut milkshake
  • Baba and Nyonya museum
  • St. Paul’s Hill & Church


Overall I ate soo much, had an awesome time with my hosts, and sweated a ton. Love Melaka πŸ™‚