Lombok & Bali

My final international trip while being based in Kuala Lumpur was to Lombok and Bali, Indonesia. It might also be my favorite trip so far – which makes sense, really, since the longer you travel, the better you get at it! Plus, I had good company, and Indonesia is stunning. Maybe another minor reason I liked it is because their language is extremely similar to Malaysia – so I could read a decent amount of signage.

My friend and I began the trip by flying from Kuala Lumpur to Lombok. For this trip I didn’t plan more than a couple days ahead at a time – I didn’t even have a return flight home. Another reason why it was so great 🙂

We wanted to climb Mt Rinjani, an active volcano, while visiting Lombok. Near the end of the flight we saw a giant peak of a volcano from the window and apprehensively asked ourselves…shit, is that Rinjani?! 😛 Later we confirmed that it was. So cool that just a few days later we were there at the top!

We made a Dutch friend from the plane (who also ended up climbing Rinjani with us) and shared a cab to our lodging in Kuta.

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