It’s been a while since I posted! I have been in KL for the last few weekends, doing a bit of going out (finally tried Zouk and Skillet!) – but mostly a whole lot of nothing. I am starting to feel a bit restless / irritable in KL…a result of homesickness, probably, seeing as it’s already been 7 and a half months in KL! Haha, so this trip was much needed. I spent some time last week/weekend in Bohol (and a hot minute in Cebu) with my friend Denice! 🙂

For a brief moment we reconsidered our plans, as there was a US travel alert and a terrorist attack just days before our trip….but it was no problem!  Another slight issue was that I fucked up my foot last week, so I was in some pain walking at the beginning of the trip…but luckily it didn’t mess up any of our plans. 🙂 It was also Easter weekend so crowds were to be expected. But holidays, injuries and terrorists won’t stop us from traveling together! hah. Anyway – here’s everything we managed to do!

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