Reflections at Half Time

Okay, I’ll admit I basically made that the post title because it sounds like a good album name 😛 Technically I’m not halfway done with my rotation in Kuala Lumpur yet, but it’s getting close. I’ve been in KL for a bit over 5 months and will remain for a bit less than 7. I wanted to write a more personal post talking about some things that I’ve learned while living as an expat here. My parents just visited, so after showing them around KL, I feel like I have a new appreciation. Read on for a breakdown 😀

Parents at Pavilion!

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~The end~

You never know how good you have it until the end. My last week in Dallas before rotating to TI Malaysia has been stressful but also fun. I…

  • Gave my final presentation/wrapped up work stuff
  • Planned my apps to grad school (sort of)
  • Went to Colorado with my best friend and made a shitty video about it (it’s a trial run for Asia…! Maybe I’ll get better at this gopro thing)
  • Drank with my coworkers (why didn’t we do that earlier??)
  • Sold my car
  • Received my visa and passport 3 days before my flight -_-
  • Had one (or two) last huzzah in lower greenville/deep ellum
  • Ate good food with my parents in Dallas

I’m not one for reflecting (why do i have a blog then? idk), but I have definitely learned a lot this year – namely about what I value in friends and in the workplace, and how to (truly) live on my own. One thing I did not learn is how to budget…but that’s not relevant really 😉

On to the next… Kuala Lumpur. I’ll post here as I slowly explore. We’ll see how annoyed you get with me and all of my ellipses (and parentheses)…

What I will miss most about Dallas 😥